Check out the other “Pretty Girls” music video.


Former Missy Elliott backing dancer Alyson Stoner is pressing ahead with promotion for new single “Pretty Girls”.

Graduated child-star and Disney kid Alyson Stoner premiered the video for her new single, “Pretty Girls”, over on Billboard earlier today.

The video is an exploration of the same themes that Stoner touches on in the song itself – how pretty girls can use their feminine wiles to their own advantages. Featuring Alyson in a couple of set-ups where she must exploit her looks to hoodwink the men in the lives of her characters, the visual is a pretty basic affair, but one that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

The clip really goes off when Stoner is working it in the club and the main issue with the MV is that it focuses far too much on redundant plot scenes and not enough on Alyson’s killer moves and what looks like some impressive choreography. She’s an able vocalist and the song is a strong effort, but since Alyson is known best as a dancer, it’d probably have been wiser to utilize the movement scenes in a more meaningful way.

Stoner also offered her interpretation of the song in a brief interview with Billboard saying that the track is “about the power of beauty in culture and how women use it to get their way.” She went on to say, “In my new film Sugar Babies, my character finds herself in an arrangement with a ‘sugar daddy’ and must navigate what it means to mix love and money, superficiality and authenticity.”

When it comes to “new film Sugar Babies” your guess is as good as mine. The only Sugar Babies film I could find reference to online was a documentary about the dangers of diabetes but I’m going to make an educated guess and assume that’s not the project Stoner was referring to.

What do you think of Alyson Stoner’s “Pretty Girls” video?