Did you think Britney and Iggy would be the only pretty girls this year?


Alyson Stoner, famous for her roles in multiple Missy Elliot videos and voice work for Disney Channel, has dropped her new single.

The track, “Pretty Girls”, (presumably the first cut from her forthcoming debut LP) may be extraordinarily rudely timed, with Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea preparing to debut their collaboration by the same name next month, but it’s a fantastic song.

The sparse, piano fuelled instrumental plays on the current trend of a transcendent bridge followed by a beat and no chorus (a la Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”) – not always a successful formula but one that Stoner makes work on this track. She’s not an outstanding singer, but her vocal has undeniable presence and there’s something interesting about the electro-R&B blend and the minimalist hook. Plus the spoken/softly-rapped bridge is absolute fire.

You can listen to the track below on Spotify, or alternatively just wait until tomorrow when it’s set to impact on iTunes.

Whether “Pretty Girls” will be a hit for Alyson is debatable – admittedly the former child-star has received a moderate amount of buzz lately, especially following Missy Elliot’s renaissance of popularity after the Super Bowl, but she is a relative unknown and the chances of radio picking this up remain as slim as they are for any new artist hoping to take off. Additionally, she may struggle to compete for attention alongside the infinitely more high-profile release of Briggy’s very own “Pretty Girls” on May 5th.

What do you think? Is there room enough for more than one set of pretty girls on the charts?