Alyson Stoner Creates Awesome Missy Elliott Tribute

The little girl who danced HAM in Missy Elliott’s videos years ago is back.

Missy’s resurgence at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago inspired a lot of people to re-watch some of their favorite iconic music videos from the hip-hop queen. For awhile it was hard not to see a Missy video without Alyson Stoner dancing right beside her in matching Adidas swag. It appears the swag carried on to adulthood.

While fans began purchasing Missy music from iTunes, Alyson crafted up a cute tribute video for Missy complete with dancing kids, fresh moves and classic Missy.

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Alyson said:

“I dedicate this video to Missy Elliott herself. Missy, thank you so much for the opportunity to dance for you.”

Watch it here and get funky:

Living for this! Do you like it?