Aly & AJ have an insatiable taste for blood in their new music video for “Take Me.”

The rock pop sisters venture into dreamy synth pop land with their latest tune, “Take Me.” The chorus is massive, and the hooks will sink their teeth into you. “I’ve been spending my attention on you, on you,” they sing over a pulsating beat and sugary ’80s-tinged production. “I don’t wait long cause I got better things to do / When you gonna take me out? / Make a move and make it now.”

As for the ‘80s-tinged video, directed by Alex Ross Perry and shot by Sean Price Williams on a 16 mm, Aly & AJ are primal bloodthirsty vampires who can’t seem to quench their thirst for blood. It’s gore-glam gone right. It’s not quite Halloween time just yet, but the video will give you the creeps.

Watch the bewitching clip below:

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