Soler talks about his upcoming visual with JLo plus what it was like working with her.

Álvaro Soler Describes The "El Mismo Sol" Video Ft. Jennifer Lopez: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Soler says the “El Mismo Sol” music video is about bringing people together.

Álvaro Soler took the stage with Jennifer Lopez Saturday night at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas to perform their new song together, “El Mismo Sol.” Before his performance, we caught up with the 24-year-old to chat about his upcoming music video for the song.

“The music video as well as the song is about bringing people together,” Soler said of the Jessy Terrero-directed video to “I think [it’s] all based on the experiences I had living in Japan when I was smaller. When I went to Berlin to record the album there, sometimes you don’t know the people and you have to connect to them very fast creatively. Writing songs… you open your heart so fast and you have to even though you don’t know [them]. I think the video represents that kind of emotional combination of connecting people no matter where you’re from. It’s going to be a very bright, happy and good vibes video. I can’t wait.”

He notes the first time he met JLo was the first day shooting the upcoming music video. “Everything went so fast and we really didn’t have the time to talk,” he said in a separate interview. “Everything flowed so well – it’s great when something like that happens.”

“She’s such a great person,” Soler added. “She supported me so much with the song. For me, it’s the first time I can actually show that to her and all to all the other people,” he says, noting it’s the first time he’s performed the song with Lopez live.

“It’s just great to share the stage with her tonight.”