Aluna Francis’s brooding new song “Not Above Love” finds the singer taking back control.


AlunaGeorge’s brooding new song “Not Above Love” finds them taking back control.

Sometimes love is pure bliss. Other times, it’s toxic and terrible and it’s time to let go, but easier said than done. In AlunaGeorge’s latest release off their upcoming album I Remember out this Friday (Sep. 16), they’ve finally had enough.

“I think this song speaks for itself,” Aluna Francis tells BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac of the track. “It was a moment where I was really stuck in this emotional… that point where you keep going round and round and you can’t snap out of it and a friend of mine really just explained to me that this person was promising things but not actually delivering anything and they were just stealing my obsessive energy that I was giving to that person.”

That’s when Francis saw the light.

“I’m taking it back! You absolute thief,” she joked.

I Remember features 12 tracks, including the previously released songs “I’m In Control,” “I Remember,” “My Blood” and “Mean What I Mean.”

“I’m beside myself,” Francis says about the album release. She also mentions heading on tour with Sia and the excitement leading up to the record release. Listen to “Not Above Love” below:

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