And no, it’s not the David LaChapelle original.

Version appears on Britney’s mobile gaming app.

Is RCA Records still trying to push Britney Spears’ “Make Me” upwards on the charts? It certainly seems like it. After the pop titan’s sensual tune appeared in Spotify’s new TV spot (in promotion for their Tinder partnership), a new version of the music video surfaced via the singer’s “American Dream” mobile app on Tuesday (September 20).

For this cut of the video, editors piece together scenes of Britney in those shadowy corridors from the Randee St. Nicholas-directed clip, letting the simplicity factor drive this one home. It’s all B. No dancers. No product placement. No man candy. Just Britney, *****.

Sure, it’s not the most enticing watch, but it’s certainly better than the final product. I’d much rather see four minutes of Britney working her hairography with those tricky lights than the Kelly Clarkson-lite video we received.

Watch Britney Spears’ new version of “Make Me” below!

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