Alternate ‘Blackout’ Cover?

October 20, 2007 By Jordan Miller

I got an email today from a Best Buy employee. They talked about a possible alternate ‘Blackout’ cover:

“I work for Best Buy and am able to browse the upcoming ads on our computers about 10 days in advance. I was looking at the ad for the week that Blackout comes out and there was a different cover! I’ve attached the photos… sorry for the quality, they were taken on my Sidekick. I thought I’d also mention that we don’t have any record of a ‘deluxe edition’… so if there is such a thing (which I kinda doubt there is), Best Buy will not be carrying it.”

Interesting… I cannot confirm right now if this is true. Perhaps it’s just a temporary placement until they get the actual cover. We’ll have to wait and find out.