Justice for Ally Brooke.

The breakout star performed her new single, “Low Key,” at the Kids’ Choice Awards this past weekend, and it was a lot to digest.

“Low Key” is a genuinely fun, annoyingly catch pop song, but her performance of it at the KCAs was a wild venue to promote it at. Who approved this?

Ally popped her booty and slithered around an 8×5 foot stage in front of small children who waved multi-colored streamers. One of the kids really got into it and started mimicking Ally’s dance moves, which means she’s probably grounded by now.

There was also issues with the televised audio. If you listen closely, throughout Ally’s entire performance there’s behind-the-scenes chattering going on.

“Low Key” is Ally’s main focus for the foreseeable future. She hopes to release an album in the fall and is currently looking for a powerful ballad to record.

Nickelodeon owes Ally a do-over, so when that album drops… let’s hope we see her strutting on the main stage, cause she deserves more.

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