Love is a ***** sometimes am I right?

Love is a ***** sometimes am I right?

Allie X and VÉRITÉ know a thing or two about that. In the video for their “Casanova” remix (the original appeared on Allie’s CollXtion II EP), the rising indie-pop stars wear stylish oversized suits and throw a pity party over ex-lovers who’ve lost interest.

They do what any besties would in that situation – lay around on the floor and stare at the ceiling and rest their head on each other’s shoulder pad tucked inside their ridiculously awesome giant blazers.

“Casanova, ****** me over, left me dying for your love,” the pair sing in the India Sleem-directed, ’80s-tinged vid. “Casanova, Casanova, now you’re all I’m thinking of.”

I don’t know who this Casanova character is, but he’s dead to me. We’ve all been there, ladies.

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