Alli Sims Profits Off Britney

September 23, 2008 By Jordan Miller

From red carpet events and shopping sprees, to selling the junk in her trunk. No, literally.

“Britney’s former assistant and pretend cousin Alli Sims is reportedly still trying to profit from her time at the singer’s side,” according to In an effort to salvage every penny, Sims is selling clothes and jewelry and other items she received at events while riding Britney’s coattails last year.

“Alli literally got thousands of dollars worth of swag during that year she was at Britney’s side,” a source tells Life & Style. “She hasn’t been working, so she needs the money more than she needs the stuff.” The source continues to say that Alli “invented” her role as Britney’s cousin to “boost interest in her money-making scheme.”

“It’s so funny that she promoted the sale as Britney’s cousin, when she isn’t,” the source says. “And she’s basically been cut off from any contact with the family.”

A source exclusively reveals to that Alli sent an email out to reps to promote her new endeavor. In the email, Alli’s friend describes what users will get for their money, where the show will take place, and claims it’s an innocent girls day out:

“The price range for jewelry is about $40 and up and the range for clothes is about $60 and up, up, up… Marc Jacobs, Armani, Prada, etc.”

But according to a separate source, the show did not sell well. “The first sale wasn’t all she’d hoped for. People trickled in and out for a few hours – something like 20 people the whole afternoon. They made some money, but nothing to write home about.”