Music not the bling.

Music not the bling.

Alli Simpson returned to the music scene this month with her Ferras, Johan and Myah Marie-penned new tune, “Material Boy.” Yes, it is a nod to Madonna’s “Material Girl,” but with her own icy spin on it. Cause some guys are lame as hell.

The song is “basically about dating in L.A.,” Simpson told “I’ve been dating guys that are somewhat materialistic and treating girls as more of a possession… It’s more of an empowering girl power song.”

In a separate interview with Billboard, Simpson says the track is “one of the first few songs I have ever written,” adding: “I felt connected and attached to it immediately because it feels like me 100 percent from start to finish. The sound, the vibe, the story, the lyrics all comes from a point in my life and feels like me.”

“Plastic and diamonds are nice till they lose their shine / Your superficiality don’t make my heart beat twice no lie / I’m not one of those barbies that will be at the afterparty waiting for some kind of hottie,” she croons over a sultry beat.

It’s refreshing for a pop singer to call out all the fakery that makes the industry go round. Listen to “Material Boy” below:

Simpson also told BreatheHeavy that she has plans to release new music every couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

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