Just because the world is on team Britney, doesn’t mean the paparazzi are! Last night after Britney’s rehearsals for her Good Morning America performance, Britney was spotted leaving in her black Escalade with her crew. Britney emerged behind several large umbrellas as she made her way to her car, thus angering the paparazzi who were apparently waiting all day to get their shot. You can hear the photogs shout:


“BOO! Britney we’ve been waiting all day! WHITE TRASH! Don’t come to New York! You’re not welcome here! Go home! You **** ****! *****! *****!

That didn’t stop the paps from continuously attempting to take her pic and stalking her after she left.

I have a few choice words for those paparazzos, but I have class and refuse to curse like them. Screw that. **** you!

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Source: x17video.com

Eff her over, your exposure, not the best.

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