Listen to Keys’ new song then seize the day!

Alicia Keys Premieres "28 Thousand Days" #Live

Who would you love? Where would you go? What would you celebrate?

Alicia Keys urges you to have the time of your life in her new song “28 Thousand Days,” a mid-tempo tune about living life to the fullest. The piano-thumping inspirational mantra came about after Keys read an article claiming the average life spans 76 years, or 28,000 days.

“That made me think I gotta live every moment to the fullest,” she says in a video message about the song. “What you gonna do to make the most out of today?”

Keys also took the opportunity to wish her husband Swiss Beatz a happy anniversary.

My dearest, love of my life-

The day we saw sunflowers drawn with chalk on the NYC park concrete we knew something special was happening. Something about that day, spoke to forever…
If life is a movie you’re the only one I want to share the scene with,
If love is a dream, you’re the only one I want to dream with,
If life is a game, you’re the one I want to be on the team with!! There’s no part of my #28000days, I want to live with out you…Happy 5th anniversary my King!!!!


What will YOU do with your 28,000 days?