AK provides us with a much-needed update on that new LP.


Singer alluded to how different this project will be compared to previous albums.

We’ve heard more about Alicia Keys’ makeup-free face than her music in recent weeks and that’s partially due to the fact that her most recent single, “In Common,” failed to do much on the charts.

Nonetheless, the R&B titan isn’t giving up and can be seen on the latest cover of New York Time Out to spill on the follow-up to 2012’s ******* Fire. “It all started with uncensoring myself. We allow ourselves to become censored because we don’t want to offend people. We’ll be whoever everyone wants us to be. I didn’t want to be that anymore,” she explained.

Even though AK had a new perspective with this release, her collaborators for this project aren’t entirely out of the box with credits from Pharrell and her hubby Swizz Beatz. Notable? Sure, but maybe the 35-year-old piano songstress needs to align herself with some new underground talent. If there’s one dying genre that could use some time on life support, you know it’s the world of R&B.

But maybe we’re underestimating her. Alicia told the magazine that her newest recording sessions was a big step up for her and her craft. “This was the first time I created music with such intention. Coupled with the fire that’s in the world is the inescapable fire in myself,” she added.

As for some of the cuts on the forthcoming LP, the feature writer described them as songs with feminist, political and social outlooks. Click here to read the description of the songs.

With a booking as high-profile as NBC’s “The Voice,” let’s hope that Alicia finds her sweet spot in music that connects with her audience. After all, if season 10 of the singing competition comes and goes without a new album from the singer, it would surely be a missed opportunity.

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