Breakups ****.


Breakups ****.

That’s the inspiration behind LA-based pop artist Alexx Mack’s new song “Whatever I Want,” the first original release since her 2015 debut EP Like We’re Famous. Unlike the electro-tinged pop jams featured in that project with “Sunglasses” and “Red Eyes,” “Whatever I Want” is boisterous but sullen.

“I’m down to be the kind of secret you can’t keep / I’m make you free / I’mma make you weak,” she coos over a stuttering synth beat. There’s real pain to be felt.

“This past year has been filled with so much heartbreak for me. But, from that heartbreak, I’ve been able to be the most honest thus far,” Alex tells Nylon. “The idea behind the collar and leash in the artwork was to convey that no matter how beautiful a love can be, no matter how much you put into it, there is an uncontrollable universal force holding you back from it ever being the right love with someone. The song itself is a narrative for a relationship driven by the desire for something that feels almost forbidden, and in the end, understanding that isn’t in fact a healthy love.”

Listen below:

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