Alexandra Burke Releases Free EP and Video “Renegade”

April 27, 2015 By Aaron

Check out the return of British diva Alexandra Burke.


After an agonising two year hiatus, Alexandra Burke has dropped her latest EP and music video, both entitled ‘Renegade’.

UK X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is staging her long-awaited comeback with her newest project ‘Renegade’, which is now available to legally download for free on Soundcloud. Isn’t it refreshing to see an artist who understands how music in the digital age actually works?

As well as recording and releasing the exceptionally strong ‘Renegade’, Alexandra has filmed a minimalist, black and white video for the titular track.

The song deals with breaking free from a stifling situation, which appears to make direct reference to Burke’s split from Syco. Much like all X Factor winners, Alexandra was initially signed with Simon Cowell until 2013 when they split following “differing views” over her still unreleased third studio album. As an R&B slow-jam “Renegade” plays to the “Broken Heels” hitmakers strengths, and Alexandra sounds the most poised and controlled we’ve heard her since her debut.

Back in January, Burke announced ‘Renegade’ and said:

“This EP is extremely close to my heart. It marks what is set to be a new chapter for me both personally and artistically. I have worked extremely hard on this, there has been laughter, tears and sweat. Renegade touches upon themes and experiences that I have never spoken out about before. Since the last album, a lot has changed in my life, but most importantly I have changed. I’m in a great place, healthier and stronger than ever. I feel as an artist its important for one’s music to grow with them. I’m now twenty-six and having taken time out of the musical ring, I now have the gloves firmly back on.”

After listening to the EP there’s no doubt that Alexandra was right – her gloves are indeed back on. The music industry is a better place for Alexandra Burke’s return.

“So call your soldiers off me, I’m breaking out.”

What do you think of ‘Renegade’?