Cara tackles one of the stand-out “Purpose” songs.


If you like the way you look that much you should go and love yourself.

Following the news Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose on track to land at No. 1 is singer Alessia Cara’s cover of one of the album’s tracks. She chose to cover “Love Yourself,” a cut where Bieber sings about a former flame loving herself more than him and how that ultimately ruined any future together.

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Cara recorded the cozy cover over the weekend. She says, “I just learned it like three seconds ago, so I’m probably going to get the words wrong, but that’s okay. I hope you like it.”

Great choice! It’s one of our favorites off the record (and “No Pressure”).

My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone. But she like this:

Thoughts on Cara’s cover?