“Britney Spears is definitely in the studio and working on a new album,” a source tells FoxNews.com. “[Britney] is working on a CD that Jive is expecting to get out by mid-December.” Mid-December?! MID-DECEMBER?! ****, here I am soo excited for Christmas, but screw that we’re getting a new album, y’all!

According to the source, “the album is a follow-up to “Blackout… many of the same producers and writers will be on this one, too.” Fine by me; “Blackout” has been her best album to date in my opinion. Although I do love me some Indyzone.

But why the rush to put out an album? “One reason for the big push to put Britney back in stores is that she owes Jive a lot of money. If they can finish the album and get it out without incident, my guess is that Spears will go out on tour in 2009.”

That’s the worst reason to ever put out an album. She’s the biggest star in the world – she doesn’t need or owe anyone anything. What they need to do is give her another full year to record, see her kids, and continue on her path of recovery. Why throw her on tour when she just received more visitation with her kids? That’s selfish to make her do that, and if that’s the case I will refuse to buy the CD or see the tour.

Ok we all know I’m lying when I say that.

Yes we all want new music, and appearances, and tours etc… but at the expense of her sanity, again? All of that is what made her turn to begin with. You know what they say… history repeats itself.

**** that. She’ll change history.

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