Just because Brit’s album debuts in March doesn’t mean it’s finalized!

Writer Jessie J opened up to Rap-Up.com about working on a new Britney track as late as tomorrow!

“I am going in the studio tomorrow to try and write a song for Britney,” says Jessie. “I was sent a backing track for her album and they specifically asked me to write on it, so I’m going to go in the studio on my night off.”

J wouldn’t reveal who’s producing the track, but hints it’s not the usual Dr. Luke jams. “It’s not who people expect it to be. It’s good, it’s very good.”

And she’s really looking forward to working on it! “I’m hoping that I’ll be able to crack it,” she says. “It’s a very U.K. kinda sound, which is why I think they want me to write it.”

“I’m gonna put a little Jessie J spin on it and get Britney singing about grabbing her crotch. You never know.”

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