Album 9 Rumors Begin

Fans have decided they’ve given up on the “Britney Jean” re-release whispers. Instead, rumor has it Britney has her sight set on recording Album 9. Let the speculation commence!

Here’s the juicy gossip floating around:

“Source close to Britney says that she’s already preparing material for her next, ninth album that will see daylight even before we think. She’s already looking through a list of producers and writers and contacting them to work with ‘em. Even though, she announced that she will retire after her two years Las Vegas residency, she is not ready to go just yet.

Apperantly, Britney is really pretty pissed off by very bad sales of Britney Jean, and we all know as she said few times, when she gets mad… she gets really competitive. She is coming for that number one spot, and she’s not quietly ready to give it up just yet.

A source also says she is more then determined to make a perfect album, and this time she goes more back to her pop roots, she wants a pure pop album, with less electronic music, and that will still be fresh on music market. Source also tells that nobody seen ever Britney this much dedicated to something and she’s preparing the best album yet.”