Album 8 Rumors Rage On

There is so much chatter about Britney’s new album and single that Exhale is about to explode! Partly because Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s singles are underwhelming, partly because there’s too many rumors to keep up with and, well… because Exhale is the ****. Here are the latest batch of rumors to get your hopes up and titillate your nether regions.

– The single IS produced by William Orbit and is co-written by Britney (Orbit and an unknown songwriter also co-write).
– The single is basically finished, and Britney is currently rehearsing to a cut without background vocals. She is to add background vocals this week.
– The buzz around Sony/RCA is incredible.
– Britney is currently rehearsing choreography for the video shoot.
– The single has a tentative release for ‘early to mid September’ (September 17 to be exact)
– The single is between mid and uptempo.
– The video shoot is scheduled for 2 weeks from today.
– The album currently has no name.
– Britney is petitioning for Co-EP of the album. is backing this.
– An EXTENSIVE promotional campaign is planned. (And from some of the things I’ve heard, I do mean EXTENSIVE).

Is that what Britney and Will.I.Am meant about being “out of this world” and “from another planet.” Orbit. Get it?

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