He’s right!!! Adnan Ghalib spoke with Ryan Seacrest’s sidekick “Negative Natalie” on Ryan’s kIIs FM radio show this morning to defend himself against the *** tape allegations, in which he stated: “I know that people hate me, I know that I’m one of the most hated men in America.” Aww is there an emergency? Somebody call the waaahmbulance. Shut the hell up you psycho! You’re not liked cause you used a girl in her lowest lows to get a taste of fame!

The sidekick even defended Adnan saying: “Everything he said was in consideration of Britney’s feelings… He didn’t want it [*** tape story] to overshadow the good stuff that she’s doing… He was very nice.” Guess she doesn’t realize the douche is a smooth talker. She got played. Listen to the interview by streaming below:

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