Britney’s stalker ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib will officially stand trial for allegedly running over a process server with his car in February.

According to, “Adnan Ghalib was just in a Van Nuys Courthouse, where a judge said he has to appear for a preliminary hearing on May 18 to set a trial date. Ghalib has been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony battery and felony hit-and-run charges.”

A temporary restraining order against Ghalib was also instated by Ram Maskowtiz, the process server Ghalib hit.

The process server was approaching Ghalib to serve him legal papers, A.K.A. a restraining order from Britney.

“The judge denied an attempt to have Britney, her two sons and father added to the TRO, because they’re already protected by a restraining order that was filed by the conservatorship.”

Ghalib’s lawyer requested photos from a security camera that reportedly “took photos of the alleged crime.” The attorney thinks this will “vindicate” his client.

And by vindicate, they mean see you in jail!

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