Dreams really do come true! OK! magazine is reporting that “Adnan Ghalib, Britney Spears’ “faithful” boyfriend, may not be the supportive, loving partner he’s tried so hard to make himself out to be. On Wednesday around 10 p.m. PT, sources tell OK! that Adnan pulled up to the gate outside Britney’s home at the Summit–only to be turned away minutes later!”

Perhaps the ill feelings were due to reports of Adnan getting cozy with other women in the weeks following Britneys’ release from the UCLA psych ward. An eyewitness confirmed to OK! that just prior to showing up at Brit’s house last night, Adnan was videotaped leaving Bossa Nova Restaurant in West Hollywood with a mysterious ******* his arm. When Adnan spotted photographers, he quickly made a dash for it. The girl claimed she was a “business associate.”

Adnan has made no secret of his supposed devotion to Britney as she attempts to get her life back in order. However, while Brit has been staying quiet these last few weeks, Adnan has been seen all over town with different girls. Two weeks ago in Beverly Hills, he was spotted with two women, whom he claimed were out of town friends.

Source: OK!

Expect finalpixx to make some statement saying “this is absolutely, positively, completely, no doubt in our minds, for sure 110% false.”

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