Adele’s Staggering First Week Numbers Are In

November 29, 2015 By Jessica

And a Youtuber covers the entirety of 25.


We’ve known for a while now that 25 was going to kill off all competition but WOW.

The stats are in – Adele is the biggest selling artist around right now. Based purely on the strength of one single and a comeback people genuinely looked forward to, Adele has officially won 2015.

Billboard summed up her unbelievable first week sales:

Adele’s 25 album sold 3.38 million copies in its first week in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music. That’s the largest single sales week for an album since Nielsen began tracking point-of-sale music purchases in 1991. 25 is the first album to sell more than 3 million copies in a week in Nielsen history, and only the second to surpass 2 million sold in a single frame.

After record sales have steadily plummeted each year since the early 2000s – once illegal downloading became the norm – it’s amazing to see Adele (and a few others) still raking in the big numbers despite listeners being able to “obtain” anything for free now. That means consumers are still very much willing to pay for music, but only for a very select group of artists.

One of the best things about music in the technology era, is watching how the bigger artists inspire up and coming artists.

Youtuber/singer/songwriter Sam Tsui has covered every single song from Adele’s new album and mashed it all together into one amazing performance.

Check it out:

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