Dethrones Psy’s Gangham Style.

Adele’s “Hello” Debuts At No. 1, Breaks First-Week Sales Record By A Landslide

Adele can add yet another record to her unbelievably long list of accomplishments.

Adele. Queen of the charts, Queen of our hearts and now Queen of Vevo.

After Psy’s viral hit “Gangham Style” hit 1 billion views back in 2013 after 158 days it felt incomprehensible that any video would be able to best the South Korean superstar’s meteoric rise to infamy. Of course it only took Adele 87 days to hit a bil’, so what did we know?

The record comes as Adele’s reign with the impossibly successful ’25’ shows no signs of stopping. Despite being dethroned from the albums charts this week by the late David Bowie, Adele’s ’25’ has broken almost every sales record in the book, and now “Hello” is following suit. The video joins only 15 other videos which have collected a billion views, besides previous record holder Psy.

For context, a billion views means that statistically 1/7th of the world’s population have watched the video once.

How many times have you watched “Hello?”