Adele’s Having A Hard Time Writing ’25’ Followup Because She’s “Too Happy”

July 19, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Someone break her heart already (joking… half joking).

Someone break Adele’s heart so we can get another masterpiece (joking… half joking).

Every singer-songwriter knows the best music comes from heartbreak and depression. Too bad for Adele, because the only tough times the pop star has to feel inspired from is cancelling the last two final dates of her 25 Tour (she was pretty damn sad about that). Otherwise, she’s in a pretty damn good place.

The Grammy Award winning singer lives next door to DJ Fatboy Slim, AKA Norman Cook. According to him, Adele revealed her struggles writing compelling material is due to her fit mental state.

“Adele told me how she’s having difficulty writing her fourth LP,” Cook told the Daily Star. “She said: ‘I write all my best songs when I’m depressed, and I’m just really happy now.’”

I never want to see Adele in anguish, but I’m gonna need a new album eventually.

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