Adele interviews the song’s co-writer and previews a bit of the song during a live performance ahead of Friday’s release.


When we were younger and free.

We’re less than a week away from hearing Adele’s forthcoming 25 LP, and thus far we’ve only heard one song off the cut — the record breaking “Hello” lead single. Today (Nov. 16), Adele flips the script and does the interviewing ahead of the release, taking a moment to chat with songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr who helped craft “When We Were Young” off the album.

She calls him her “secret weapon” and asks questions ranging from who he’d like to collaborate with (Kanye West and Drake) to his most embarrassing memory to who why learning how to play the piano changed his life.

“Well, I have always had problems with my voice,” Tobias said in their interview together on The Guardian, “and the piano helped me believe the song could be bigger than my voice, and I could play with new melodies and things that I couldn’t on guitar. It was easier to make the sound fuller, and easier to get away with not being as good. Piano is one of those instruments you don’t have to be good at to sound good – you just have to know where to put three little fingers, which is really pretty easy to figure out. I learned one of your songs first, haha! Someone Like You – great practice.”

Adele premiered a teaser of her performing “When We Were Young” during a separate interview with 60 Minutes.

The countdown is on!

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