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Adele And Taylor Swift Collaboration Rumors Gain Momentum

Two of the best-selling recording artists of our generation reportedly have a plan to break the Internet.

It’s no secret Adele and Taylor are hard at work on new records. Adele’s 25 followup has been in the making for several years now, and Taylor herself confirmed several times she’s got a new album on the way. What we didn’t realize until now is that these pop superstars have something in the works… together.

Adele has been frequenting Electric Lady recording studios in NYC over the last several weeks (she couldn’t hide from the shutterbugs, unfortunately), and according to HollywoodPipline (would they lie?), she’s spent multiple days at Taylor Swift’s Tribeca penthouse. They claim an eye witness spotted Adele’s team bringing recording equipment to Tay’s place, though of course there is no physical evidence of that.

If this is indeed true, I suspect Taylor is playing more of a songwriting role than featuring her vocals on Adele’s new record, but if the two decided to jump on the mic together I’d be more than pleased!

I’m also happy to report that during her time in NYC, Adele hung out with Jennifer Lawrence at a drag show. I have to stan.