She also talks about a new ’25’ track titled ‘When We Were Young.’

Adele Says She "Scrapped" A Boring Album About Being A Mom

We agree that was a good call.

Adele exploded back onto the music scene this week after unexpectedly teasing a 30-second clip of her new song “Hello” during commercial break on The X Factor UK.

In an interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran on Friday (Oct. 23), Adele feared no one would care.

“100 percent, I was so frightened that no one cared,” Adele told Duran. She figured “everyone is going to think it’s an advert for furniture stores.”

Days later, Adele penned a letter explaining her new record’s theme about making up versus last album’s message of breaking up. A day later the music video for “Hello” dropped.

“I like to be dramatic. I’m a bit of a drama queen,” Adele said on SiriusXM. “There’s nothing more poignant in my life than anyone else’s life, it’s just I write about it, so it lasts forever.”

She also admitted recording her latest album was a lengthy process because of timing.

“It became obvious pretty quickly I wasn’t in the headspace to access my creativity. So I decided not to do it until I felt ready.”

She’s referring to juggling motherhood with super stardom.

“I did write an album about being a mum but that’s pretty boring,” Adele told BBC 1’s Nick Grimshaw. “I scrapped that. Getting into the headspace was really difficult,” she added. “Having such a break off, I kind of fell out of the habit of writing songs.”

Adele detailed one of 25‘s new songs, ‘When We Were Young.’ It’s co-written with Tobias Jesso Jr. (who co-wrote Sia’s recent hit “Alive” with Adele).

“We wrote this song called ‘When We Were Young’ at the most insane house in L.A., and we wrote it at Philip Glass’ piano, which was just insane. I would have been devastated if we left without a song for the record. It’s a very ’70s singer-songwriter vibe, which is Tobias’ thing, which is why I picked him.”

Via Billboard