Adele Reportedly Refused Invite to Present at the Oscars

January 24, 2016 By Emilie

Because when you’re Adele, you can say no to the Oscars.


You know you’re the biggest star in the world when…

According to The Mirror, Adele has refused an invite to present at this year’s Academy Awards.
She reportedly turned the offer down because the show takes place on the eve of the start of her world tour. The Oscars air on February 28th, and her tour is scheduled to kick off in Belfast the next day.

According to a source, “she feels the ­turnaround is too tight and will not let anything jeopardise her tour. She is aware things can go wrong which causes delays and also the ­potential impact of a long flight on her voice. She has dug in her heels on this one.”

Oscar producers are understandably keen to book the uber-successful singer, who won an Academy Award in 2013 for her Bond them “Skyfall”, apparently offering luxurious private transport for the “Water Under the Bridge” singer to and from the show. The source added: “Oscar organizers are desperate to get her and will still do anything to make it happen”.

If the reports are indeed true, we have to applaud Adele for putting her fans above all else and being so dedicated to putting on a good show for them.

Not many people are in a position to say no to the Oscars, but considering her recent success, it’s safe to say that they need her more than she needs them.