Believe it or not, Adele is about to stomp the competition.


Believe it.

We’re a week-and-a-half away from Adele’s 25 album release set for Nov. 20, and it’s on track to surpass 500K pre-orders, reports HDD.

Over 80% are digital pre-orders since most physical retail stores don’t offer a preorder option, but the few that do, like Amazon, report Adele is nearing Susan Boyle’s record of 88K with her 2009 debut album I Dreamed a Dream.

The track debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and set a record for the most U.S. downloads sold in a week with 1.11 million, making it the first song ever to sell at least a million downloads in a week and lands at No. 1 again this week.

Her album is predicted to sell 2-2.5 million units opening week. This major feat gives her options, like not releasing it on Spotify right away because of its longstanding policy of refusing to allow certain releases to be restricted to its paid tier, reports HDD, a move Beyonce and Taylor Swift pulled for their latest LPs. Instead, she might opt for solely sharing it with fans via Apple Music, but industry insiders think the streaming giant might change their policy for Adele seeing as she’s going to produce one of the biggest albums of all time.

Hello from the other side, indeed.

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