Rolling Stone cut a few excerpts out of their interview with Adele in October, including


Someone who moves 4 million albums in just over a week has the right to feel indifferent about streaming.

It won’t be long til’ Adele’s 25 album is certified Diamond (10 million units), and we imagine the only way fans can listen to the record for the foreseeable future is buy purchasing it. Streaming might be the future, but any artist in high demand like Adele has the option to pull the plug on offering it via Spotify and Apple Music until they deem ready.

Ahead of “Hello,” Adele talked with Rolling Stone about her forthcoming project, but hadn’t decided yet whether 25 would be available to stream or not. Here’s an excerpt that didn’t make the cut until now:

“It probably is the future, but, eh,” she says. “There are kids I know who are, like, nine who don’t even know what a ******* CD is! I’ve got my CDs out on display in my house just to prove a point. Maybe CDs will have a massive comeback like vinyl did. Actually I think cassettes, just to be a pain in the ***! [Laughs] I’ve got all my Destiny’s Child cassettes!”

Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickins said in early October, “At the moment, no call is being made, and that’s what I’m saying to you, that’s what I’m saying to the label, and that’s what I’m saying to the people I’m speaking to at various streaming services.”

The future might be streaming, but their decision proved there’s still an interest in buying music.

The “Water Under The Bridge” singer admitted she crafted a song for the album that combines sounds from Celine, Meat Loaf and… Beyonce, but left it on the cutting room floor.

“I feel like I’m a bit young tossing it right now, but it’s a really great, great song,” she says. “It’s like Celine meets Meat Loaf meets, like, Barbra meets, like, Beyoncé or something. It’s, like, all of my wet-dream idols [laughs]. But it’s really, really great, actually. We didn’t finish it in time, and also it just felt like maybe I should be, like, 32 when I do it rather than 27? And there’s definitely four or five other songs that I would definitely revisit. And it depends what place I’m at in my life, then. It might be completely irrelevant to me, then. I don’t want to put a song on the record just because it’s good if I can’t relate to it.”

Another interesting bit left out was Adele’s view on not being able to identify as a pop singer.

“Pop-pop music, it doesn’t move me,” she says. “But I love it. I love it to be the soundtrack to my life, and it gets me excited for my day and stuff like that, so it still has a huge part in my life. But I don’t think I could pull off being like a pop-pop star. I have no desire to, either, and I feel like unless you’re willing to reinvent yourself all the time, like Madonna — and I think Taylor has been doing a great ******* job with that – unless you have the ability to do that, I think it’s just a dangerous world to step into because it’s very short-lived and I don’t have it in me to reinvent myself a lot, to flip in and out of genres and styles and trends. I just don’t have the ability to do that.”

And lucky for us, she admits “I will be making records for the rest of my life, I think.”

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