Adele Is Going Country Too Y'all

Adele is going to take a stab at singing country – this according to Kelly Clarkson.

The “Second Wind” singer “heard [Adele] is doing something more country influenced with this next record,” reports Billboard.

Fans won’t have to wait long to hear Adele’s new sound – it’s rumored she’s debuting her new album, reportedly titled “25,” this year.

Grammy and Oscar winning producer/songwriter Paul Epworth said Adele’s album “will come when it’s ready.”

Mmmm hmmm.

And speaking of country… Clarkson admitted in the same interview with Billboard she has a country album already recorded, naming Bonnie Raitt and Travis Tritt as some of her main influences.

“I just love that vocal,” she told WSJ. “[Country musicians] are the best storytellers. That’s how my record is going to sound.”

First Pharrell, then Kelly… now Adele. What is happening?