Check out another cut from ‘25’ live.


That Adele reign just won’t let up.

Not content with being on track to have the highest opening record of all time in the UK, Adele is continuing with her US promotional tour, this time stopping by Jimmy Fallon to perform a rare up-tempo from ’25.’

Albeit not as heartbreaking as “Hello” and presumed follow-up single “When We Were Young,” “Water Under the Bridge” is one of the stronger cuts from ’25’ and shows off a different side of the British songstress.

Adele is a fantastic vocalist and it’s a testament to her versatility that she can be as captivating performing her faster material on Fallon as she was belting ballads on SNL last weekend.

No word yet on which song will serve as the next single from ’25’ and although many people assumed “When We Were Young” would follow the mega-hit “Hello”, Adele discussed the differences between a great record and a collection of singles, casting doubt on the idea of having a second single at all.

She also lamented just how live Saturday Night Live is (the clue’s in the title, Adele) and spoke about scrapping parts of her album because super-producer and long-time collaborator Rick Rubin “didn’t believe a word she was saying.”

Hopefully we’ll get plenty more Adele interviews before the year is out, even if we don’t have a second single to look forward to.

Are you a fan of “Water Under the Bridge?”