NBC has ordered a pilot based on the band’s “Sugar” video.


Yes please?

Back in January, Maroon 5 released a music video for their single “Sugar”, in which the band drives around L.A. crashing weddings. Turns out the band’s frontman Adam Levine was so inspired by the video, he has decided to create an entire series based on it. In the video, the band goes from wedding to wedding surprising (supposedly) unsuspecting newlyweds and their guests with a performance of sweet tune. The Voice coach is now turning this premise into an unscripted NBC pilot, with the help of movie director David Dobkin.

In the same vein as the video, the goal of the show is to surprise fans when celebrities show up unannounced at their events. According to EW, the series will “feature unsuspecting superfans who receive the biggest surprise of their lives when the stars they love ‘accidentally’ show up at milestone events.” Not limited to weddings, fans will be surprised at any kind of major event, from bachelorette parties to birthdays.

So basically, Beyonce could show up at your grandmother’s birthday party.

Will you watch the show?