Shocker: Britney’s team doesn’t know what the hell is going on! reported earlier this week Britney attended Phil Maloof’s VIP birthday bash at Drai’s Hollywood last Saturday, but her official website called out the report, claiming it was ********.

Handler Adam Leber posted a Tweet on Britney’s Twitter account, and disclaims E!’s story, saying:


Brit went to Disneyland this weekend – not to a party in Hollywood! See who’s reporting BS: -Adam Leber, Manager

Eonline followed up with a post of their own, reconfirming their report that Britney was in attendance at the Maloof party.

“Phil thanks Britney Spears and all his friends and supporters of Black Star Beer for celebrating with him Saturday night,” Maloof rep Zachary Solov, who was also a guest at the bash at Drai’s Hollywood, says in a statement.

Looks like Adam Leber owes an apology!

UPDATE: Adam Leber insists he is right, posting a new Tweet, saying: “Dear @KenBakerNow and @EOnline, I think our sources are a little better then yours! Britney WAS NOT there nor any party on Sat! Retweet…”

What’s the deal?


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