While Larry Rudolph promotes Britney’s tour, her other manager, Adam Leber, is defending it. The Hollywood Reporter wrote a nasty review on L.A.’s show last night. Leber went on a Twitter-tirade regarding the review. He says via Twitter (Read bottom to top):

And oh yeah, so do @RollingStone @MTV @PerezHilton @JustJared and almost everyone else that covered the show….

Most importantly,the only reviews that matter are already in.The fans overwhelmingly LOVE the show and they tend to get their facts straight

FYI Jim, our stage is not SUPPOSED to resemble anything other than a stage. Which it is. Sharp question….

Other than @jimthecritic (50 something) in San Jose who was trying to figure out if our stage resembled a bird or a plane.

Good thing your publication is in the minority of all the press covering the show who seems to love it.

5 inaccuracies in an 8 paragraph review is pretty shocking. Were you even in attendance?

Don’t let me be the last to know is the ONLY song performed on a swing.

She isnt wearing a white trench during “piece of me”. That’s “3”.

And her “best moment ironically” as you stated is IRONICALLY reported as the wrong song.

It’s about 10 seconds of a 3 minute song. I counted. She dances for the entire song otherwise. How did you miss this?

She is seated for a moment during How I Roll when the car drives down the stage. (Cont.)

She isn’t on a swing during Big Fat Bass

Brit is not seated when she takes the stage For Hold It Against Me. She’s standing.

Here is a list of ALL the inacuracies you reported in your “review”. Please take this list, go back, and do your homework:

when a publication of your stature reviews our show and has roughly 75% of their FACTS wrong.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion of our show but it is incredibly disappointing (cont.)

Dear @shirleyhalperin and @THR: you are “the most trusted resource for entertainment news and reviews” as you state. Please act responsibly.

Don’t mess with Brit Brit!

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