Adam Lambert Teases Lead Single, "Ghost Town"

And it sounds incredible.

Adam Lambert’s forthcoming album, ‘The Original High’, has become one of the most unexpectedly anticipated albums of 2015. Following news that the record has been executively produced by Max Martin and Shellback and that this would be a “more internal and grounded” effort from Lambert, ‘The Original High’ has accumulated a fair amount of buzz, despite us not really knowing what the LP would sound like.

Well now we do, and it turns out the buzz was well founded.

Listen to the first taste of lead single, “Ghost Town”, below:


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Although we still haven’t heard much of the single, the track leans towards deep house and hip-hop flavorings, a sound we’ve yet to see Adam embrace. The whistled hook is vintage Max Martin and the instrumental sounds deliciously current whilst still nodding towards Lambert’s previously discussed ’90s dance influences. It’ll be interesting to hear what exactly the lyrics and vocal arrangement comprise of, especially in light of the “Fever” star’s revelation that he’s going for something less theatrical this time around.

Obviously there’s still uncertainty surrounding ‘The Original High’ – Adam’s statement that he’s “doing the music for the audience, not for [him]self” hasn’t become any less troubling with time but “Ghost Town” is clearly a promising indicator of what’s to come. The single is set to drop on April 21st, so we don’t have long to wait to hear Adam’s eagerly awaited comeback, and undoubtedly we’ll be ‘treated’ to a set of infuriatingly brief teasers in the month leading up to release.

What do YOU think of “Ghost Town”?