Adam Lambert Readies Album for Spring/Summer Release

January 15, 2015 By Aaron

Adam Lambert Readies Album for Spring/Summer Release

Okay Glamberts, start freaking out. Your leader has returned.

American Idol alum and “Time For Miracles” belter Adam Lambert has announced details of new LP with Max Martin and Shellback at the helm, promising a new single in April and an album to follow soon after. An album which, if Adam is to be believed, will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard from him before (cue dramatic music.)

Find out all the details below:

Sitting down with Billboard Magazine, Adam Lambert had this to say about the forthcoming record:

I can say the first single will be out in April. I think people are going to be really surprised. The album feels like a new era for me — emotionally, lyrically, sonically. It feels fresh, it feels new.

As well as:

I wanted something more internal and more grounded. A little less with the theatrical and the camp and the presentation. I wanted to bring it in a bit more. Being on the road with a British rock band, and being in London a lot this year, rehearsing with them and doing TV gigs, I think that has affected my sound and where we are headed with it.

He also chatted about Max Martin and Shellback executively producing the album:

I was working on demos and scheduled a meeting with them. They’re two of my favorite producers and at the very top of their game. I love everything they do, and was really excited to sit back down with them after having worked on For Your Entertainment.

It should be obvious enough that this is good news without it needing to be pointed out. But I’ll point it out anyway: this is good news.

Max Martin and Shellback, as well as being behind pretty much every brilliant pop song in the last twenty years, are responsible for Lambert’s only big hit, the Pink cowritten “Whataya Want From Me” which peaked at number 10 on the Hot 100. Indeed, Adam is pretty solid as an albums artist with a number one in the States and two platinum albums internationally, but as a singles artist? Not so much. With any luck, the power of Martin – who has 19 number ones as a songwriter on the Billboard Hot 100, second only to Paul McCartney and John Lennon – will push Lambert into more radio-friendly territory.

What’s arguably more exciting though, is the idea of a more controlled, mature Adam. There’s no denying that this man can out-sing pretty much anyone, male or female, in the industry right now and he has ridiculously compelling stage presence, but he’s never had the material to back up his talent. An album that focuses more on bringing the artist in him out, rather than creating songs he can jump about the stage to, seems like a necessary step into making him more than just the guy who came second on Idol and then went on tour with Queen.

He says of the record:

Vocally, it’s very intimate compared to what I’ve done in the past. There is a little bit of a daring, deeper internal conflict and poetry about it.

Don’t even try to tell me that doesn’t sound promising.

What do YOU want to hear on Adam’s next album?