“Cause nobody feels like I do.”

Adam Lambert Debuts New Song: "Underground"

To promote his new record, Adam Lambert shared an emotional power ballad titled “Underground.”

Lambert continues his apocalyptic theme following the release of “Ghost Town” with a new “The Original High” song called “Underground.” Without warning, the American Idol alum plopped the track on iTunes with a message on Twitter saying it was “one of the key tracks,” though that message was since deleted and replaced with a standard pitch to buy the song on iTunes and stream on YouTube.

It’s a delicious gritty ditty showing off Lambert’s wide vocal range behind a brilliant R&B production. And while it does promote the darker vibe Lambert’s detailed, it’s a welcome change from the dance jam he previously released.

“Cause nobody feels it like I do / nobody kills me like you do / nothing I take can ever cut through / I’m in trouble”

Lambert has Max Martin and Shellback to thank for lending their invaluable talents on “The Original High.” His latest track sounds like nothing currently hitting the airwaves, but familiar enough to find a comfy spot in the Top 40 and on radio. Check it out below:

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