No chill.

Adam Lambert is put in a trance by a seductive Goddess in his new music video for “Comin In Hot,” the first taste of the singer’s forthcoming two-part album, Velvet.

The Monarch-produced track incorporates a groovy beat & slinky production, and that’s captured in the captivating clip perfectly.

As Adam makes his way around a nightclub, he encounters a sorceress, played by the famous Beyonce impersonator, Miss Shalae, who possesses the power to bring things and people to life. Nobody can take their eyes off of her, not even Adam.

The video ends with the woman telling Adam a secret, which I presume we’ll discover what that is in his next video (it ends with “to be continued”).

“Comin In Hot” is a refreshing change of pace for Lambert. He exudes a coolness in his vocal and plays it up in the video.

Watch below, then leave an Exchange in Exhale and let us know if you’re feeling the vibe.

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