Actor Kevin Zegers Includes Britney On Twitter Rant

June 4, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Actor Kevin Zegers Includes Britney On Twitter Rant

Child star turned adult actor, Kevin Zegers, empathizes with stars like Britney and Amanda Bynes for dealing with the imploding pressures of fame in front of the entire world. He posted a note on Twitter to express his feelings about the matter, and included Britney in it (fans, please don’t go on the Britney Army tirade against him. I see what he’s trying to say.) Here’s the excerpt:

“It’s a razor thin line between the top and the bottom. I don’t think anyone cares about the wattage of Bynes star. Or Lohan. Or Spears. What really interests people is the collapse. The free fall from adored to scorned. From beloved, to bat s**t crazy. From dimpled starry eyed kid, to shaven headed rambling manic. And people love it. They eat it up.”

He’s right. We had millions of people on the Internet waiting for Britney’s latest Rite Aid trip in a pink wig, and now we’re drooling over Amanda’s next ludicrous Tweet.

The public builds you up to just to watch you fall.

As Britney put it best:

“Now see everyone’s watching, as she starts to fall
They want her to break down
There will be a legend of her fall…”