Start your week off with some new (old) Aaliyah.


Unreleased Aaliyah is always welcomed.

Just a few weeks after the 15th year anniversary of her death, Aaliyah’s silky smooth voice arrived on the blogosphere once again, courtesy of an unreleased collaboration with Chris Brown and Static Major called “Charge It To The Game (No Love).”

The song, which surfaced on Monday (September 5), is Breezy’s second pieced together collaboration with the late R&B siren after his 2014 release of “Don’t Think They Know.” Unlike the second single off his sixth studio LP, X, “Charge It To The Game (No Love)” doesn’t do as good of a job at bringing Aaliyah’s vocals into the 2010s. In fact, it just sounds like Breezy laid his contributions down atop extended instrumental of the ’90s-esque track.

While all unreleased vocals from Baby Girl are surely welcomed, this serves as one of the reasons the Haughton family probably want to keep Aaliyah’s stuff under wrap. Still, if done correctly like Brown’s initial duet (as well Drake’s “Enough Said”), the results can be a wonderful reminder of the R&B staple.

Take a listen to “Charge It To The Game (No Love)” below!

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