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A Version Of Britney’s “Make Me” Without G-Eazy Reportedly Sent Off To Radio: Listen

Not a fan of G-Eazy’s rap on Britney’s new single “Make Me?” You’re in luck.


Not a fan of G-Eazy’s rap on Britney’s new single “Make Me?” You’re in luck.

While the Britney Army anxiously awaits the music video for Britney’s female empowerment anthem “Make Me,” a version that skips over G-Eazy’s feature was reportedly sent off to radio this week. Instead, it features a slightly different bridge, new adlibs, more ooohing and an alternate ending.

Listen here.

No word on why there’s a version without the Oakland rapper considering it was Britney’s idea to feature him in the first place.

“It was hella wild. I was actually on tour in Australia. After the first leg in the U.S. and we got that email that was like, ‘Britney Spears wants to do a song.’ I didn’t know if it was gonna be the single or what,” Eazy said of how the song came about. ‘It was just a no-brainer. I think we were in Melbourne, and I was like, “Yo, let’s see if there are any studios open here.’ And literally after the show we went and cut it on the spot. That kind of thing you just drop whatever you’re doing to do.”

He’s even featured in the music video – there’s a scene where it appears he and Britney are getting it on.

Eazy didn’t deserve this. #KeepGEazyOnMakeMe

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