BRITNEY SPEARS is guzzling a fertility potion in her bid to get pregnant.
The singer is on honeymoon with new husband KEVIN FEDERLINE in Fiji and locals have told her the drink is just the thing to kick- start her wish to have children.

Both the newlyweds have been downing special blends of a traditional bitter-tasting brew called Kava on the South Pacific island.

Britney’s is a non-alcoholic version of the drink.

An insider at the resort said: “Britney has been drinking Kava on a daily basis.

“She’s doing everything she can to prepare herself for having a baby.

“The resort bar has been preparing the special Kava mix. Usual blends of the cocktail can aid sleep but the one they have been drinking is an aphrodisiac and helps conception.

“The only problem is, it tastes revolting.”

Britney’s brew looks murky and grey and contains the herbs damiana and ginseng. It is also said to enhance beauty and sensuality.

Kevin’s variation on the powerful drink consists of ginseng, muira puama, damiana and epimedium.

It is designed to maximise a man’s sexual prowess and increase his sperm count.

Kava is Fiji’s national drink. It is made from the pulverised root of a member of the pepper family.

Generations of Fijians have used it, swearing by its medicinal qualities.

The drink has a pleasant, tranquilising effect while leaving the mind clear.

Legend has it that the Kava plant sprang up from the grave of a princess who died of a broken heart.

Local brewers have been working overtime to deliver fresh supplies of the concoction since the celeb couple’s arrival.

Britney told fans last week on her official website that she intended to start a family and cut back on work.

-The Sun

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