The perfect pop song does exist.


The perfect pop song does exist.


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If you would have told me in 2017 that Cher had an entire album of ABBA covers in the works, I probably would have believed you, but that doesn’t take away from how perfect this new mashup is.


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The singer’s lead single from the forthcoming LP, out September 28 (read more about it here), is “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight).” It came out today (see below), and already somebody created a flawless mash up with Madonna’s “Hung Up,” which samples the original’s production.


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There are really no words (besides flawless, epic, iconic, legendary) to describe how perfect this is, so I am just going to let the new tune do the work. 

Someone by the name of Alex Simpson uploaded this to YouTube. Alex Simpson, you are my hero.


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