Before YouTube dominated how we watch videos online, before Instagram zapped our smart phone batteries. Hell, before smart phones… there was

BreatheHeavy originated as a Britney Spears fansite 15-years-ago (June 2004), and boy has it seen its share of ups and downs. If you’ve been frequenting the site since then, we’ve been through a lot together. Our lives have changed profoundly in that time, but our love of all things Britney, and pop music, have shaped a part of our identities that we cherish. There’re not many things in life that spark a sense of excitement quite like our favorite pop stars, and capturing that magic in a bottle and sharing it with you is one of my main missions in life. BreatheHeavy is my passion, and no amount of words in a post could convey how truly blessed and grateful I feel. Your unwavering support has granted me the freedom to pursue my dreams. I can’t thank you enough.

Five years ago, I abruptly announced that BreatheHeavy would no longer be a Britney fansite. I flipped a switch and re-branded this as a pop music site. The intention was right, but the execution… all wrong. I learned a valuable lesson that year: be inclusive.

In the time since, I’ve written thousands of stories and conducted interviews with superstars like Lady Gaga and Britney (hey, that Q&A we did counts)… to lesser-known independent artists that I feel deserve recognition. But like I did five years ago, professionally… I yearn to expand further than my comfort zone allows. I no longer want BreatheHeavy to solely grind out breaking news (though we’ll still continue to post it!), but also offer original material you can’t find anywhere but BreatheHeavy. That’s where BreatheHeavy RX comes in.

For the last year, I’ve wrestled with the idea of creating a $5 a month subscription / membership element to BH. In my heart, I knew it would be epic, not to mention a first of its kind in the music blogosphere, but I’ve been scared. Terrified that no one would care. It’s the Internet equivalent of no one showing up to your birthday party, but something Britney and pop music have taught me over the years is that the best things in life happen through taking a leap of faith. Because the greatest risk is taking no risk at all.

I’ve quietly rolled-out what I consider “premium” content recently. You may have seen the “BH RX” logo branded on social media posts, or noticed the RX section on the main page. They’re original stories that ask the reader to break away from their hectic lives for a few minutes and escape into a world of thought, nostalgia and analysis. Myself and two editors (James and Ross) are creating more stories like these – focused on Britney and pop music – because it’s my hope that BreatheHeavy can reach further into the hearts and minds of music lovers like you.

Memberships won’t go live for a little while, so if you’re even slightly interested, I encourage you to sign up to our waiting list to get more information (don’t worry, you’re not committing to anything just yet). I’ll send you updates and freebies prior to the launch. I’ve also set up a Frequently Asked Questions page here because I want to be as transparent as possible.

Yes, Internet comments will drag me to hell. Yes, I anticipate a backlash and probably a battle with my own self doubt, but ultimately it boils down to this: I want BreatheHeavy to offer ad free, high quality content, make real connections with YOU, the loyal readers who have stuck by through thick & thin, and create a community of people who share a love for Britney and pop music. Let’s do this!… together.

So much love,
Jordan Miller
Owner / Editor in chief of