A New Kesha Album Is Coming

Once Kesha removed the “$” from her name, I knew she meant bu$iness.

The grunge-pop singer turned slightly-less-grunge-pop singer wrote 14 songs during her stay in rehab this year. She did so on a toy Casio keyboard, making the record that much more indie cooooool.

She tells Teen Vogue:

“The whole process has made me so much stronger and ready to take my life by the horns and make a record that I’m going to be proud of and not care what anybody else thinks!”

Kesha admits her stay in rehab was solely to focus on helping her kick an eating disorder no thanks to the extreme pressures Hollywood demands. She feels this struggle, and the journey to overcome the disorder, helped her creative process writing music.

“To have a breakthrough you have to have a breakdown, and I definitely went through both of thoseā€”in hindsight, it saved my life.” she admits.

A New Kesha Album Is Coming

“Things got worse because I’m in an industry where people photograph your body and zoom in and blow it up and put it on the cover of magazines, and other people make terrible comments.” She’s likely referring to the intense public scrutiny she received in 2011, when bikini photos of her on an Australian beach went viral. “It really messed with my head, and I realized I couldn’t do it by myself,” she reveals. “The decision to take control of it is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and this is coming from someone who dives with sharks and jumps out of airplanes for fun.”

Earlier this year, Kesha’s mom told reporters her daughter was tired of making “stupid pop music.”

Looking forward to hearing her intelligent pop music, instead!